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We are here to keep you safe if you are still open, or get you ready to end the lockdown if you are still closed. Either way, we are your partner for cleaning when you are ready for a company that takes pride in how your business looks.

For new customers, our startup services include:

  • Free estimate.
  • Free initial sanitation service.
  • 30% discount on initial deep clean.
  • 10% discount on the first 3 months of professional janitorial service.

Keep your employees and clients safe as you adapt to life with COVID-19. Our contract cleans include professional disinfecting to help you eliminate the virus and maintain a safe workplace.

Nothing can replace following CDC guidelines but a thorough nightly disinfecting service will help you stay safe. Businesses with lots of traffic need to be extra careful about sanitation and taking measures to eliminate COVID-19 on all touch points and traffic areas.

CleanChoice is here to be your partner in fighting the virus.

For a FREE estimate for nightly office cleaning and an initial deep clean simply fill out the form below. Our professional staff are waiting to assist you.

Stay safe and contact us when you are ready to upgrade the appearance and safety of your business.

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We have served the following types of businesses for over 30 years:

Auto Dealerships, Commercial Office Spaces, Medical Offices, Dental Clinics, Restaurants, Bars, Private and Public Schools, Universities, Churches, Health Clubs, Hospitals, Theaters, Retail Shops, Professional Office Suites, and pretty much anyplace you and your clients meet.