CleanChoice maintains a high standard of workmanship and attention to detail. We apply these skills to your property and take pride in the results!

Cleaning Management

CleanChoice has over 30 years of facility cleaning management expertise, and specializes in implementing recurring facility service plans that fit each customer’s specific need. More..

Property Cleaning & Repair

Our diverse service options for property maintenance helps customers ensure their property is not only presentable, but also well maintained and functioning properly. More..

Specialty Service Requests

For unmatched quality, service and convenience use the trusted choice to take care of your facility specialty service requests such as floor care, window cleaning, landscaping, pressure wash… More..

Our Services

Since 1997, Clean Choice has been working to provide top-notch commercial cleaning services to help many business managers and owners. We are delivering the best quality cleaning services to business owners in Arizona and beyond. Our team takes pride in serving commercial owners with a wide range of cleaning programs.

We ensure that you receive remarkable commercial building cleaning services which is why we use high-quality products and the newest techniques. Our professional janitorial staff always come with all the needed supplies in order to give your office a clean look that everyone will admire. We will deliver a professional clean finish to your office on a continuous basis so you can rely upon our services.

Clean Choice guarantees to provide such a clean office environment in which owners feel proud to invite their clients. We make sure that through our professional cleaning services, we meet all your specific needs and wants. Each one of our services is customizable for the ease of our customers. Attaining customers’ satisfaction along with delivering quality service is our only aim.

Clean Choice Provides the Top-Notch Commercial Cleaning Services in Arizona

For more than two decades, Clean Choice has been proudly serving Mesa AZ in terms of providing the best cleaning services. We feel honored on our dedication and commitment to providing quality commercial cleaning services while maintaining a professional image that represents our values. We have formed strong relationships with customers to understand their particular preferences and needs. Our staff of cleaning experts is highly trained and knowledgeable about the cleaning techniques and procedures and will provide you spotless and a healthy environment to work in. We do our job by setting up a green cleaning program, which actually protects both; the environment and the humans. Our expert janitorial cleaning services will make your workplace neat and clean so you don’t have to worry much. We promise to make your professional life much easier and time-efficient by our professional cleaning services. We practice cleaning processes and procedures which are specifically designed by us to help you and your employees work in a clean atmosphere. Contact Clean Choice today to get our professional cleaning assistance. Give us a ring if you want us to assist you with our cleaning services.

Why Clean Choice?

Clean Choice is offering the best and efficient commercial building cleaning services to many different companies and offices. Do count on us to get our amazing services and results are 100% guaranteed. By choosing Clean Choice, you will get a number of cleaning services from one company.

1- Trained Professionals

Our cleaning staff respects the privacy of sensitive office areas and the belongings of your workplace. Our expert and qualified cleaners go above your expectations and deliver the services to improve the environment of your office and enhance the overall image of your company. Our crew is trained and qualified and will show up at your workplace in professional uniforms which will help increase the professionalism of your office environment. In this way, you won’t have to face any difficulty in recognizing them which will also provide protection and safety to your workplace in the long run.

2- Timely Services

Clean Choice offers services according to the schedule provided by clients. We offer our cleaning services in day as well as night shifts so you are free to choose according to your feasibility. If you want us to clean your workspace during your office working hours, then you can pick our daytime janitorial services and our staff will show up at the time specified by you. However, if you do not want any interruption during the working hours, you can decide the time from our night cleaning hours. In both cases, we guarantee to provide exceptional cleaning services which will leave your office as clean as new.

3- Cost-Effective

Many professional cleaning companies offer good quality services but their prices are too high to afford. Clean Choice does not only provide services that leave your office clean and spotless, but they are also very budget-friendly. All of our cleaning services are at very economical rates which do not put any sort of burden on our clients’ pockets. We offer the cleaning services which are worthy to spend money on.

4- Customized Plans

For our customers’ convenience, we also offer customized cleaning programs. We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and one time cleaning programs. If you want to avail our cleaning services just for one time and want our team to clean the mess after a party or a big event, you can definitely pick our one-time services. Otherwise, our regular cleaning services are also available, and you can choose according to your needs.

5- Janitorial Cleaning Services

Clean Choice offers the professional janitorial cleaning services for commercial buildings. We continuously improve our ways to deliver the top quality janitorial services to our clients. Our janitorial staff ensures to keep your office neat and tidy all the time including all the public and private spaces. Our team will be glad to provide thorough janitorial services to make your workplace clean.

6- Use Leading Technology and Products

We at Clean Choice use all those techniques which are effective and used by most professional companies. We use only those cleaning products and chemicals which are tested by us and give the highest level results. Top-quality products when used by skilled professionals, give the maximum outcome. Our professional janitorial staff has proper knowledge about cleaning products and the best method and techniques required for their use.

7- Insured and Licensed

Each cleaner from our staff is experienced and holds a cleaning license as well. In this way, we make sure that each of our cleaner working at your place is very skilled and professional. Moreover, this also makes our clients worry less about their property because our insurance policy speaks that we are responsible if anything gets broken or damaged by our staff.

Our Strengths

  • Quality

    Our recipe for quality results is simple; quality staff + quality equipment + quality training + quality products and processes = QUALITY SERVICES.

  • Satisfaction

    There is no greater satisfaction for our company than to meet the needs and expectations of our valued clients. Our team is successful in satisfying our clients by listening to their needs up front, performing quality work, and by standing behind the work that we perform.

  • Quick Response

    Our team of experts are local and accessible. Call in or e-mail us at and our helpful staff will be quick to process all new orders and answer any customer questions.

  • Ease of Use

    Because we offer a wide-variety of services for home-owners, property investors, and commercial property managers, our customers enjoy the ability to one-stop shop which saves them a significant amount of time and money.

  • Abilities

    We specialize in a wide-scope of residential and commercial services which include: recurring janitorial services, property maintenance, commercial facility specialty services such as floor care, window cleaning, consumable services, pressure washing, and much more.

  • Customized Services

    Our helpful staff takes the time to listen and understand the needs of our valued clients, and strives to give each customer a personalized service experience.


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What Our Customers Say About Us

Sam W.

Dealership Customer

“To Whom it may concern,

Please accept this as a reference letter for our services and relationship with CleanChoice. We have been satisfied with their service and attention to our concerns. We are most impressed with the manner in which they respond quickly to our needs and concerns.”

Sam W.Mesa Dealer
Mike L.

Dealership Customer

We have been utilizing CleanChoice Janitorial for a while now. CleanChoice has been very responsive to our cleaning and maintenance needs. The team at CleanChoice is dedicated and professional. We would highly recommend this company.

Mike L. Scottsdale Dealer
John B.

Commercial Janitorial Customer

Clean Choice performs nightly cleaning and maintenance of the main serving areas, dining room and restrooms of the restaurant.  In addition to the daily recurring services, they also perform deep cleaning of other areas in weekly and monthly intervals. I have been pleased with the work performed on a regular basis and when there happens to be something that isn’t quite up to my expectations, they have been very responsive to making it correct.

Clean Choice’s dedication to making us happy is second to none. I would urge you to give Clean Choice a try, they are certainly dedicated to their work and strive to make sure their customers are happy.

John B. Manager/Co-Owner
Charity C.

Commercial Office Space

To Cleanchoice Management

I am writing to compliment your team on a job well done. It has been a pleasure working with your friendly staff. You always demonstrate your commitment to providing quality services, paying attention to detail while coordinating all aspects of the work. Again, thanks for the extra services provided after our Christmas festivities; I would not hesitate to recommend you for future projects.

Charity C.Commercial Office Manager